Monday, August 07, 2006

Sorry ...

For the lack of postings of late.... I have been having difficulty getting my pictures to upload once again. I suppose I should just post and not worry about it but for some reason I get frustrated and don't post at all.

I had a rough week last week. After all the love and care I gave to my baby chicks when it was time to take them out to the coop they were able to enjoy a few days in the coop till 2 of the largest black snakes made their way in and killed half of the babies and traumatized the other half. Bob was shocked to find 2 5 1/2 snakes in the coop and ran back to the house to get his .22 and kill them nasty snakes. I think we've fixed every possible entry point now and I've ordered some more babies.

The neat thing is this time around I found some chickens that originate from my parents homeland, Cuba. So I ordered 3 of those to go with the replacement of my other chicks. I hope we don't lose any more babies cause I'm really not liking this circle of life that everyone keeps reminding me of. To heck with the circle of life.