Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Nursing Is Not For Wimps!

I've known for many years that I wanted to become a nurse, twenty years, to be exact.  When everyone else in my family was afraid to learn what was needed to care for Nickie, there I was.  I had many fears but I knew I had to overcome them to give my baby girl a chance to survive.  In a few short weeks I became an expert on her care.  Over the years I let my insecurities and the ups and downs of everyday life keep me from getting back on the road to nursing school.  I must give thanks to God, my family and friends who reminded me daily that I could do it. 

Today I know without a doubt that nursing is my calling in life.  I know I make a difference to my patients.  I know that it won't be peaches and cream and I will have far more frustrations in this profession than not.  I also know that one moment can erase all those frustrations.  One hug from a patient, one smile, one gentle hand squeeze.  When you can turn the light bulb on for a patient through education, those are the moments that make up for all the back breaking, every muscle aching, days. 

I'm going through my training for my new job in dialysis and there is so much to learn!  It is a little overwhelming, but we have some awesome patients that encourage me, that look forward to my being there and if I can bring a little laughter with the care and kindness and education then we all have a better day!  I hear dialysis is a tough specialty (I believe it!) and burn out occurs quickly (I can see that too!).  I hope I will be able to see that in myself and get out before it affects the care I provide my patients.  God willing it will be a place for me to hang my hat for a long while.  If it turns out that is not the case, then I will take with me some wonderful experiences to the next job.