Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pain, pain and more pain

Over the last couple of weeks Bob and I have been falling apart. First I started having pain in my left shoulder and arm and I'm sure in an attempt to have the bigger, badder pain, Bob begins complaining of severe abdominal pains. Well you all know how men are. Nothing is worse than a sick man. Am I right or am I RIGHT? Yeah I'm right! Or so I thought.

Last week I had moped around complaining of the pain in my left shoulder and arm feeling quite sure that I had a pinched nerve that was causing all my pain. I had decided that if the pain continued through the weekend I'd have to break down and see the Dr.

By Friday night Bob began to have severe stomach pains that kept him up all night and kept him doubled over in pain throughout the weekend. All weekend he moaned and groaned and made my moaning seem unimportant. As the weekend continued it was obvious he was going to need a Dr. as well. We scheduled an apt. with our old Dr. back in Richmond as we had to make the drive to pick Jackie up anyway.

What a mistake that was! Dr. "Doofus", I won't call him what I was originally thinking, didn't so much as take any blood or spend more than 2 minutes with either of us. His diagnosis for Bob was to take some magnesium citrate, a colon cleansing drug and don't call him in the morning. His answer to my pain was to take 3 Advil every 4 hours and he gave me a sample of some anti-inflammatory drug that didn't help in the least bit except to make my glucose level go through the roof. Thank you DR. Doofus.

So the following day I took Bob to the local Dr. and she did blood work and sent him to the ER for more testing. We hadn't been to this hospital before and were happily surprised to see no one waiting in the waiting room and he was taken into triage right away and back to the ER in moments. "Wow, maybe its a good thing to live in the country and have a small community hospital?". Bob said.
"yeah! Looks promising!", I said.
We went back to a room and the nurses quickly came in to start an IV and have Bob drink that tasty contrast to have a CT scan done. We were informed we had a 2 hour wait for the contrast to work its way through his system before the CT scan could be performed. We were thankful this little community hospital had a tiny TV screen we could watch for that 2 hour wait. Surprisingly the 2 hours went faster than I had imagined it would. They nurse came in to take him to his CT scan and promised to have him back in 10 minutes.
"Viola!, he's back!", said the nurse when she returned.
"Just as you promised!", I replied.
We patiently waited for the results of the scan. One hour passed, then two and our patience went out the window. The Nurse practitioner came in to say the specialist would be in to discuss the results. Fear set in. Why in the world do we need a specialist? Hesitantly the NP said they saw Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas). Soon every nurse, NP and DR came in to ask how much alcohol Bob drinks. He isn't a drinker. He may have some beer with an occasional dinner out, ie: all you can eat crab legs or on some special occasion. They made us both feel we were telling less than the truth. How rude!
After spending more than 6 hours in the ER the specialist shows up to tell us he normally would admit a patient in his condition but if we would go back to our PCP in the next 2 days he would release him. He suggested an ultrasound to rule out gall stones. We agreed to his terms and went home.
Two days later we saw the PCP who did more blood work and told Bob he needed to go on a clear liquid diet for 2 weeks.
"2 weeks?", Bob and I said in unison.
"2 weeks!", said Dr. R.
Dr. R then wrote a prescription for pain and we were on our way.

Thursday will be 1 week and I'm surprised at his will power to eat, ummmm. drink a clear liquid diet while the rest of us eat as usual. I'm coping with my shoulder pain and it does seem to be easing up a bit. I have no doubt that my reading Joel Osteen's book "Your Best Life Now" has helped me to get through this. Joel is a great motivational speaker. If you haven't seen him look for him on Sunday mornings. I highly recommend his book as well. Till next time!