Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jackie's bridal showerI

Yesterday I helped the maid of honor throw a beautifully successful bridal shower for my daughter Jackie!  We had so much fun with the shower games!  The wedding is just nine days away!  Today Jackie announced that she was using one of the gifts her dad and I gave her at the shower ceremony!  Several months ago Bob and I went to a Native American festival and I found a beautiful framed Native American wedding poem. Jason and Jackie both loved it so much they are using it as their wedding vows! I knew when I found it all those months ago that they would love it for their decor but now it is actually incorporated into the ceremony I love that!

This is Jackie
Jackie and Amanda, maid of honor
That's me and my girl Jackie
3 generations that's Tia (my aunt) Me, Jackie and my mom 
Stacey (brides maid), Jackie, Amanda, Stephanie (brides maid and Stacey's twin)