Monday, July 03, 2006

Sad news from Magazine mansion...

I've mentioned in a few posts the wonderful blog of MM and how much I enjoy reading his blog. His family is having a crisis. They lost their beloved family member Blaze. MM has posted about this the latest saga of his life in cliffhanger fashion which is his style. This time however it is out of necessity that he does so. Go back to the post, "In which I am 0 for 2" to learn of the details.

I have never met him in person but I surely feel I know him through his blog as I'm sure all of his regular readers will attest. I certainly am sending all the good vibes, mojo and prayers for him and his family that they may bring Blaze back home to them unharmed.

UPDATE: I'm happy to report Blaze is home! MM, I'm so happy to have read you were able to locate Blaze and I know you need some time to recoop. You most certainly have to be the bravest person I know!