Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Exciting weeks since last post!

     Praise God!  I passed the NCLEX-RN (state boards) with flying colors!  I'm now officially a registered nurse!  I have never been so scared of a test in all my life!  The computer cut off on the minimum number of questions which can mean either I failed it royally or I passed it really well!  It was the 3rd most agonizing 24 hours of my life.  The 1st and 2nd both being times Nickie was so very sick in an ICU that we didn't know if she would survive. I had 2 interviews within the five days after passing the state boards and again I praise God for two job offers!

     Bob and I spent hours going over the pros and cons of both offers and I'm happy to announce I accepted a job in dialysis.  I begin soon with five weeks of dialysis training in Roanoke.   I'm excited about today and the future!