Wednesday, April 05, 2006

He's home!

I picked up our newest family member this morning. He was neutered on Monday and he's still feeling under the weather. He's so calm and that is a good thing. Introducing him to the other animals went so smoothly I was so happy to see that. I'm not so sure it will continue to be so easy when he is feeling better. If he is nearly as playful and active as he was when we went to meet with him, well it could go either way I think. So far the other dogs have sniffed him out and gone to their respective corners.

I haven't found a name for him yet, though I call him "Buddy" for now till we decide what fits him best. Not one of y'all have offered any suggestions, you probably thought I hadn't noticed that didn't ya? That's OK I know who my friends are and apparently I either have none or they don't come here. I'm not feeling the love. I suppose it is up to us to come up with a suitable name.

Brandon and I had to skip our weekly play date with the other homeschoolers in order not to leave "Buddy" alone on his very first day home. Well he wouldn't be alone with 3 cats, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit and 1 bird, but I don't know how they will all act if I leave. So as much as I hate missing my one day a week of scheduled adult banter, I couldn't go.Posted by Picasa

He sure looks comfortable here, don't you think?
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UPDATE: We all decided on the name Rusty. I think it fits him and he seems to have taken to it well!