Sunday, February 25, 2007

My journey to Alzheimer’s

After getting dressed this morning I headed down stairs with one thought, I need to make some coffee. On my way out of my bedroom I notice the glass of water I had taken up last night and I think to myself, I’ll save myself a trip if I get this now. I continue out my room and down the stairs having to pause for a moment to think, what did I want in the kitchen? Oh yes I wanted coffee. I look around for the coffee pot and realize it must be in the dishwasher… which of course it is but I must have forgotten to run it last night so I reach in for the coffee pot to hand wash it decide to take a quick peak around the downstairs for any cups that didn’t make it into the dishwasher last night.

In the living room I notice a glass and a coke can that were left on the end table. I pick them up go back to the kitchen drop the can in the recycle bin and notice the cats not so patiently waiting for some food. I place the cup on the counter and proceed to feed the persistent cats. I pause after doing so and think, what was it I was supposed to be doing before I got distracted? I see the cup I left on the counter and I put it in the dishwasher and start it up.

I realize that I’ve still forgotten something. Hmmmmm, I know I came down here to do something, what was it? Oh wait there in the sink is the coffee pot I still need to hand wash. Good now I can make that pot of coffee that I wanted. I set out to make the pot when I realize that my darling husband hadn’t said if he felt like decaf or leaded. So I yell upstairs to ask which he’d like. “Leaded,” he says. As I typed this the pot is finally done and it only took most of the morning to do it. My family may have to start looking at nursing homes form me real soon.