Friday, December 15, 2006

Diva Lunch!

Today Bob and I had lunch with the Diva herself! I was able to prove that she in fact does exist in more than my imagination. I speak of the Diva often but Bob had no proof that she was real until today! I'm not sure if he thought that she was imaginary or if he thought "Diva" was the code name I'd given my boyfriend. I can assure you if I ever have a boyfriend he won't be a Diva! Besides we know my boyfriend is busy with Angelina these days! Some years ago Bob and I made a pact that the only people we could have affairs with would be, Brad Pitt and Meg Ryan. I haven't heard that Brad is secretly craving plump Latina's, yeah I know I'm being kind using plump but well I'm nice to me that way!
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Our lunch time flew by and Bob agreed the Diva is all I've said she is. She's a cutie and he admitted conversation didn't lag a bit. My next trip to Richmond I hope to see her again perhaps I'll be lucky enough to meet her better half, if indeed he does exist! Just kidding Diva I know he does. Diva is half way through her first pregnancy and I have to tell ya she is just glowing!
We stopped for a picture together as we departed! The Diva and the Diva wannabe! It was great seeing you D!
I can't wait to see that bundle of joy you are carrying, I need to get my baby fix and remember any time you need me Auntie Lillie is just a call away!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting