Sunday, July 16, 2006

We found a couple of interesting items that popped up on their own out back. Several of these beautiful white flowers popped up in the lawn.

We also found this bright red mushroom back behind the newly constructed hen house. Makes me wonder if the Smurfs haven't started a new colony in my back yard. Either that or we have one of those varieties of mushrooms that I've heard speak of. No worries, I won't be smoking or eating this variety! However I will take bids if you wish to try it! OK, not really but I sure was tempted! Damn the devil to hell!Posted by Picasa

Life on the "farm"

We've been busy here on the "farm"! Cloud, our bunny moved into his townhouse. He is very happy moving out of the one room apartment he had before. Now he has a roomie place with 2 floors.

I'm not sure what he will think of the new neighbors when they move in but I hear they will be a house full. I haven't had the heart to break it to him yet cause he's used to living a nice quiet life. I'm sure he will have 911 on his speed dial complaining about the noisy neighbors but it is something he will have to learn to live with.
Here are just a few of his new neighbors. I ordered 8 guinea fowl and received the 8 along with packing peanuts as they are so lovingly called, 13 baby roosters sent to keep the gunea babies warm. Anyone want a rooster chick? Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa Here is a better view from left to right of a baby guinea and a baby rooster. In a week we will have 16 baby chicks of different types and one rooster. I wish we could keep all the roosters but that is way too many roosters for our small flock. So if you live in or around Farmville, let me know if you want a free rooster chick! Ya hear!