Sunday, April 09, 2006

I need your good vibes

My friends, I'm asking that you all send your good vibes, mojo, prayers whatever you believe in our way. Last night Rusty ran away. I can't find him anywhere. The children are heart broken.
He's been sick with an upper respiratory infection and I set him outside to clean up the floor from his constant cough and inevitable phlegm that he was coughing up. So now he is wondering the streets and not getting his much needed medication. I'm sure with y'all sending your well wishes and keeping him and the children in your thoughts, will help us to get through it. Thanks.

Update Rusty was returned home to us 2 days after his disappearance. We were all so happy to have him back. He seemed happy to be back but I'm not taking any chances with him now he's either inside or on a chain till we get the fence up.... I hope that will be in just a few short weeks. Thanks for your good thoughts and wishes.