Friday, January 03, 2014

New addition to our family!

I'm happy to announce last night our first grandchild,

Sterling Brennan Dolan was born!
Isn't he just beautiful!  It seems it was just yesterday my oldest son was born and now he has given us a beautiful, healthy, grandson.  Here are the happy and proud grandparents!  
Mimi and Papi!

The fun we are going to have!  I will soon get to love on and spoil this little man and send him back to his mom and dad!  

The proud Mom and Dad!  
What a beautiful family!  I can't believe how the last 1.5 years has changed our family.  First our daughter Jackie brings Jason in as our son, Shaun brings Julie as our daughter and now Sterling as our first grandchild.  In April Jackie is expecting her first child and in so little time we have added 4 family members!