Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good and bad news!

First the good news! My friend Mollie has Nigerian dwarf goats and they began giving birth earlier this month. Brandon and I went over to her house on Wed. to see the babies and I can't tell you how adorable those babies are. Brandon along with Mollie's girls Becky, Laura, and Katie fed the babies bottles of goats milk and of course all I heard that day was PUHLEASE mom can we have a baby goat? I promise I will feed it and love it and play with it and ... Well you have the idea. We drove home and the idea was to tell Bob of our adventure and well honestly hope that we'd be making the drive back to Mollie's again soon to pick up a baby goat.

Bob was not really excited cause he knew it would make work for him to build a pen and housing. Brandon didn't give up though and by Friday Bob was on board with the idea. Saturday we picked up the needed supplies and off to Mollie's we went to pick up not one but 2 baby goats.

The bad news is by 3 am this (Sunday) morning I came down with a stomach bug and well was not feeling up to caring for the new babies at all today. So I had to have Brandon do most of the work today of feeding and watching after them, while I napped and moaned and made the mandatory RUN to the bathroom. He is a champ I tell you! He also managed to check on me and ask if I needed anything.

The other bad news is the fact that my digital camera decided to go kaput on me. I found it wasn't worth replacing it and I can't afford a new one right now.
So unless I pick up a throw away 35 mm camera and have the film developed in this century I won't be able to show any pics of the babies at least not until Jackie returns from her trip to visit friends in Richmond. I'm having digital camera withdrawals even as we speak.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sorry ...

For the lack of postings of late.... I have been having difficulty getting my pictures to upload once again. I suppose I should just post and not worry about it but for some reason I get frustrated and don't post at all.

I had a rough week last week. After all the love and care I gave to my baby chicks when it was time to take them out to the coop they were able to enjoy a few days in the coop till 2 of the largest black snakes made their way in and killed half of the babies and traumatized the other half. Bob was shocked to find 2 5 1/2 snakes in the coop and ran back to the house to get his .22 and kill them nasty snakes. I think we've fixed every possible entry point now and I've ordered some more babies.

The neat thing is this time around I found some chickens that originate from my parents homeland, Cuba. So I ordered 3 of those to go with the replacement of my other chicks. I hope we don't lose any more babies cause I'm really not liking this circle of life that everyone keeps reminding me of. To heck with the circle of life.