Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Obsessive compulsive disorder in children

I had a feeling for sometime that we would reach this diagnosis and yet I had hoped it was not the case. It's now official. Brandon has OCD. I hadn't blogged about it before in hopes that if I didn't it wouldn't be true. Life this last year has been increasingly difficult trying to make sense of Brandon's actions. The problem is I'm a logical type person and OCD has to be one of the most illogical disorders I've ever heard of.

Brandon is an exceptionally bright little boy that can grasp concepts that are way beyond his 7 years. However I'm unable to logically get him through any of the issues that have arisen from the OCD. I'm just beginning to learn about this disorder and I'm having difficulty wrapping my brain around it. I'm finding I need therapy to learn how to help him. I'm also finding that the answer that the medical profession is leaning to is medication. Medication and therapy. Neither Bob nor I feel comfortable medicating a 7 year old. Not our baby boy. I'd appreciate any comments from those of you that know anything about this disorder. I'd love to hear from those that either have the disorder or those that have a child with it. I'm feeling very alone and I could really use some support. I've done some surfing to find out more and so far I've found what the medical "experts" tell me to be the norm. If anyone knows of other methods that work successfully for OCD in kids other than meds please let me know about it. I'm off to surf the web for more information.