Friday, September 24, 2010

Long summer, many trials

So much has happened since graduation.  Some wonderful, some very frightening. In May Nickie went to the prom with her boyfriend Ryan!  It was awesome!  The entire junior and senior class gave them a huge welcome to the prom! 
Ryan and Nickie dancing!
Ryan, Linda (Nickie's nurse) and Nickie!

Nickie gave us a big scare when she aspirated a feeding and had to go the ER via ambulance to the local hospital.  She was admitted to the ICU and long story short, they didn't listen to me or her nurse when we said that she needed to be on humidified air while ventilated.  This caused extensive damage to her lungs and honestly there was a time there that we almost lost her.  I wish I had requested a move to a more qualified hospital but I didn't and on the 4th day the Dr. suggested we move her to another better equipped ICU.  She went to MCV and by the grace of God she is now fully recuperated.  The staff at MCV was awesome!  It was difficult having her so far from home but she was in the best hands there.  I'm thankful she pulled through this and grateful for God's grace.  With all the weeks of hospitalization and continued recovery at home testing for state boards was placed on the back burner. 
I'm happy to say I was finally able to do that yesterday and again by God's grace I can now say I'm officially a registered nurse!  A job that was on the table at graduation may still be in sight.... more on that soon.