Thursday, December 20, 2012


     Yesterday, thanks to a good friend I realized the obvious.  I am blessed to have a wonderful, loving husband (duh, right?), four great kids (duh again), a wonderfully rewarding career that touches many lives everyday and those lives touch and shape me daily and teaches me something new each day.  Finally,  I am surrounded with some of the most awesome friends and coworkers that lift me up and support me everyday!    Thank you dear friend for clearing my head and my vision, I am truly blessed to have you in my life!
     Today I am looking forward to focusing my day on my son Brandon and seeing and spending some quality time with my daughter Jackie!  We will be completing some last minute Christmas shopping and enjoying a much needed relaxing lunch!  Tomorrow a wonderful day with my husband in Richmond with lunch at Bottoms Up!
     Merry Christmas to you all!  My wish for you all, that you may be able to see the many blessings in your lives!