Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

To all the men and women that serve our great country everyday and the retired service men and women I thank you from the bottom of my heart! For those in harms way my thoughts and prayers are with you and may you be home soon safe from harm. I know there are many that have injuries and those that have made the ultimate sacrifice and again you are all in my prayers.

To the rest of you enjoy your holiday weekend! I hope you have a safe and wonderful time with your family and friends in whatever way you choose to celebrate! We are just relaxing and enjoying good food and family!

Park Day!

Here I am with the Jackson on park day! I was so happy that he let me pick him up and cuddle with him! What a cutie patootie! I have to admit he had my womb aching for another baby! I guess its a good thing while the pain of delivery was fresh in my mind from Brandon I had those tubes tied! Or I'd be telling Bob to do his duty and without any hesitation we'd be trying for baby number 5. I get those baby pangs whenever there is a baby around but my sanity and my pocket book could not handle another child. I get to be around Jackson enough to make me long for another and not long enough to remember how difficult they can be, if you know what I mean. If however by some miracle the tubes were to get undone and another baby were to makes it way into our lives you know I'd be thrilled! My love for him or her would be overwhelming as it has been for each one of mine. I just think after 22 years of marriage and mothering its time to raise the one's I have to adulthood and in the years to come have my future grandbabies to spoil and send home to my kids. Sounds fair to me!
  I don't ever want to forget this day of firsts for Jackson and I! So here is another picture taken by Brandon.
  This is Mollie one of my new friends! She took the first picture above. I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this wonderful group! I look forward to the next park day. Wow, I know that sounds completely boring and well like I have no life. That isn't the case of course, I'm very busy with running the office for Bob, raising my children, dealing with nursing care, homeschooling and trying to run a semi-efficient home. Not to mention taking care of 3 dogs, 3 cats, 1 rabbit and 1 bird. Yes its a zoo! Now is there any wonder why I hesitate to add to the insanity? I thought not!
 This here is silly Lisa! Not fond of having her picture taken I take it! She admits to reading this blog even though she doesn't comment! She knows about things I don't talk about on park days so she must read it from time to time!
Not much else to tell you today. Untill next time! Posted by Picasa