Friday, June 23, 2006

Next blog!

I spent an hour or so a couple of nights ago hitting the next blog button and I found a few that I really liked:

The Ironic Catholic I like the humor and this man's spin on the Catholic religion. Though I'm not a Catholic now I grew up as one and I thoroughly enjoyed this site.

Fat girl camp
This woman has been on a voyage of discovery and I find her insights interesting. I will visit this one regularly.

4th Ave. Blues This blog requires some background reading into the cast of characters, whom are all very interesting. Here is an opportunity to read about a life style that most of us ignore. There are homeless people, those with mental illnesses, drug addictions etc. It certainly makes you think.

The book Bitches
This site may be a bit risque for some of you but let me tell you I laughed my butt off (OK maybe I didn't laugh my butt off, cause as I caught my reflection in the mirror this morning I see its still there) I like their sense of humor and the post "A very naughty secret garden" I must applaud their choice of subject in the photographs. Is he Hot or what? Kudos, ladies!

This speaks volumes!

If only all the entertainers thought like Sarah Mclachlan! I didn't know a video could be made with such quality for only $15.00. You Go Sarah!